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February 1, 2018

Well it looks like a Sunset Drive resident is going to get away with this one or is it his fault? Central Elgin put some teeth in the By-Law forcing said resident to remove his previous: "half moon" structure; but his newest will probably stay since the improper location of the slab foundation was not caught before the structure was erected. As far as I'm concerned Central Elgins Department of Engineers, Building Inspection and By-Law Enforcement should be shown the door. This is not the first time I've wrote about their departments and minor variances. Looks like the person didn't finish first in their class. That's evident by this latest fiasco. Who examined the blueprints, who checked the clearances and who applied their "stamp of approval"?

Many years ago I was employed in land surveying as a transit man. I even worked on Cherry Hill in London when there was nothing there. My duties included reading blue prints, establishing a starting point, (normally a one inch bar, the standard focal point) , turning angles,"shooting line" establishing lot lines side to side front to back,, verify measurements and clearances and tying into another existing one inch bar. I'm sure I have forgot something, it was such a long time ago.

Most of my experience was in subdivisions where once the individual lots were verified and "stamped" foundations was installed. We would return to verify they were correct and within limits before construction could continue. I remember one foundation on Marconi Boulevard was removed because it was not correctly located from the adjacent lot line.

At the Public Meeting held November 2017 it is stated that it was unclear from the "drawings" supplied with the application just how far from the front lot line "THE NEW BUILDING WAS"! If it was unclear from the drawings; then I believe the drawings were not professional and should not have been accepted.

I would like to believe that said resident; after the first teardown would do things by the book or did he put the horse before the cart (again)!

Without Prejudice
John Kenney
Port Stanley

Last Updated: Thursday, 01 February 2018 07:20:07 AM EST

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