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March 14, 2018

So, The medical Officer of Health decided to issue a boil water advisory on 12 March for residences affected by the water-main breech at East and Hill St earlier that day.

On the surface this sounds like a most prudent thing to do.

UNFORTUNATELY such a warning is only effective if you bother to tell the people most likely TO BE AFFECTED.

In this particular incident our family, and that of at least two of our immediate neighbours, one of which has two small children, were not made aware of this potentially dangerous situation until approx 5:15 pm on the 13th Of March. It was only rec'd then because it was mentioned in passing conversation to one of our neighbours who then took it upon himself to alert us and thus the neighbourhood "fan-out" went into action.

At the time of this writing it is possible that there are those still not aware of this warning/advisory which is of concern regarding the number of children home throughout the day Mon., and Tues., due to March break.

It is not sufficient in such circumstances to rely on local radio, television, or even the use of the internet to make such notifications.

We are a small subdivision and not all of us are glued to these types of media...WE HAVE LIVES that involve other more productive activities.

It would have taken nothing to have a single person with a pen and clipboard walk the neighbourhood and notify/record all those who had been alerted or leave a notice at the door of those not home.

This dismal failure to ensure notification to the affected residents is unacceptable and deserves to fall squarely on the shoulders of our local politicians and the bureaucrats involved.

It is sad that it takes a dumb-ass grade twelve graduate like me to remind our more highly educated politicians, (at least I assume they are), of Thomas Jefferson's famous pronouncement that, "THE FIRST DUTY OF GOVERNMENT IS THE PROTECTION OF LIFE".

Having vented I would like to thank the on scene workers who toiled hard in dismally frigid conditions over many hours to repair the water-main and restore service.

Jim Ziegler...Hill St.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 March 2018 09:40:48 AM EST

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