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September 1, 2017

Bafflegab and BS.

The most recent public meeting concerning the future of our harbour lands featured the repetition and entrenchment of more bureaucratic bafflegab and BS, primarily designed to make us the vassals of real estate developers and consultants.

The word that has been coined on all sides is "sustainability", a weak excuse for ten story condominiums on both sides of the harbour. Nobody has bothered to stop and examine this premise. What is sustainable? (In the long run...nothing)...

First of all, why should the harbour be self-sustaining? The facility is owned and operated by the Community of Central Elgin. So is the Highbury Avenue link to London, the Belmont Arena, The Port Stanley Arena, numerous parks, baseball diamonds, soccer pitches, municipal offices and works departments. Are any of these other facilities held to this same standard of sustainability?

Apparently, according to consultants, we have to suffer the ignominy of ten storey condos in order to achieve this glorious "SUSTAINABILITY" without ever defining what it means.

Expenditures on the harbour must be balanced against the benefits to the entire community. Who knows what it will require to service this facility in the future? Rest assured, if the total annual cost is under twenty dollars, Nancy and I will be glad to write a checque to cover the cost.

To propose that we must have real estate developers to magically pay for expenditures that have not even been identified is the type of nonsense and bafflegab that keeps the consultants and the developers in power.

Time and again it has been proven that the best experts are the local people but if they are mislead by bafflegab such as sustainability, we will not end up with what we want, need and deserve.

We read recently of someone suggesting a ferris wheel on the harbour lands. Our initial reaction was not entirely positive but on further reflection it is ten times better than the condos........and how about a really genuinely beautiful merry-go-round to go with it....something as good or better than the one just removed from Toronto Island? Now we are talking. Local people's ideas without the bafflegab. That is the way we can make our harbour lands the community asset they should be, developers, consultants and undefined sustainability be damned.

Frank and Nancy Prothero.

Last Updated: Friday, 01 September 2017 08:56:23 AM EST

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