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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Letters A Rebuttal to an Article in the Villager News Dog Parks

September 12, 2018

In regards to the article about Dog parks in the Villager. I have tried to contact the reporters there to no avail. So I hope I may use Port Stanley News for a counter proposal on this issue.

I know Harry Bishop personally. He is a wonderful person and some of his ideas deserve merit. He is an active Lion and donates much to the community. As for myself I believe a dog park is a great idea, in the event it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to accomplish. Perhaps some fund raising events could aid in its development and not raise taxes yet again.

However, on a public beach no. If you could find someone with a private beach whom believes in your quest then so be it. To suggest responsible dog owners on a public beach, even so, you can’t pick up the urine. I guess its ok for children to build a sand castle there. In this article it talks of seagulls and geese poop. It is almost to say “well they can do it, so why can't my dog”? Seagull and goose poop will disappear after a simple rain. But dog has staying power. It will stay there for months, it stinks and it’s sticky. There are some so called responsible dog owners whom visit main beach before and after hours. Check it out. It happens daily. It’s funny, we have smoke cops but no dog cops. Personally I would rather walk through an acre of cigarette butts than one pile of dog poop. Most people would. In this article it also mentioned there isn’t a lot of areas to walk their Dogs. The only area in this town where you not supposed to take your pet is the beach. Other than that every blade of grass, every street, every sand pit, the baseball diamond, and children’s parks are open game for your pets to defecate. There are no restrictions. Whom ever came up with the idea that you may acquire a pet, feed it, then walk it down to your neighbours and have it empty its bowels there? Whether you pick it up or not. Perhaps you should keep it at your place. Or have it wear a diaper until you get home.

On practically any given day I can walk up Colborne St. and have dog log right in the middle of the side walk. Stepped in and spread around. There is some there now as I write this letter. Being a pedestrian most of the time, I’m sure I don’t have to mention the spring season, when there are times you have to use the road to escape it.

There are also people who are totally afraid of dogs. On a leash or not. So they just stay home or drive to their destinations. They don’t get to walk around this lovely town as the dogs do.

In closing, I am all for a dog park. In return for a dog park I would also like to see dog free parks. You know somewhere I could spread a blanket for a picnic without that lovely stink coming up from underneath it. The baseball diamond and skate park for sure along with the children’s park on Edith Cavell could be considered. I have seen piles at all of these areas. The fines should be huge and policed. Just so you know. Before thinking I am an absolute A-hole, I love dogs. Ask any owner who knows me and they will tell you, I always give them a good petting and talk to them if they want. I am just sick and tired of scraping it out of my shoes, and being afraid to sit anywhere there is grass.

Come on Dog owners. Meet us half way. And I will be in for a dog park.

Dan McLay
Port Stanley

Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 September 2018 11:19:18 AM EST

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