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April 30, 2017

The recent dog attack is not an isolated occurrence, it probably happens almost daily somewhere in this Province. As far as I'm concerned the breed does not matter. I've seen dogs running loose, dogs unleashed and I have brought up the subject of dogs on the beach before. How many times have you heard "oh he/she won't bite". It's not the size that determines the aggression, I witnessed a vicious attack by a dog that stood less than a foot off the ground on a similar size dog. I give ground every time when approach by a dog that is on the loose or leashed. The only solution that I see that will greatly reduce or eliminate injuries; whether to another dog or person is to make a muzzle mandatory when a dog is in the public.

That brings us to By-Laws.

Bravo to the responsible citizen who reported the violation regarding the dredging in Kettle Creek. More times than enough people turn a blind eye; but as far as I'm concerned that makes them just as guilty as if they themselves had done the deed. I've witnessed and reported what I considered to be illegal dumping right here in Port; but never got a reply. I guess it wasn't an infraction because the four piles of broken concrete are still on Carlow Road by the waterway that parallels the roadway. I actually have sympathy at times for our "by-law" Officers. They issue an order to comply and its ignored. I called our council member questioning an encroachment and was told it would be corrected. After an reasonable amount of time went by and nothing had been corrected I sent an e-mail to our by-law Officers. The reply was that it was in the hands of the Central Elgin Lawyer. That was almost a year ago. The encroachment has not been rectified.

The Plus

Edith Cavell Boulevard I'm sure everyone has observed the reconstruction of the roadway. If not; you should. There are "tire rubs" already on the fresh concrete. We won't have to worry about graffiti on the sides of the "planter boxes"; there will enough paint scrapes. What "numskull" urban planner came up with this design and who accepted (authorized) it. Numerous people have voiced their concerns about how narrow the east bound lane is and entering the west bound lane from the South ( from Mackies).

John Kenney
Port Stanley

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