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Harold Winkworth Central Elgin Candidate for Deputy Mayor

by Harold Winkworth

Harold Winkworth


Harold Winkworth

Deputy Mayor

Municipality of Central Elgin

About Me

  • Born and raised in Port Stanley and have lived in Central Elgin my entire life.
  • Proud father and grandfather.
  • Very active in sports such as ice hockey, ball hockey, fishing and have also coached minor hockey.
  • I am involved in overseeing the welfare of seniors throughout our community.
  • For the past several years I have participated in fundraising for YMCA (Strong Kids Campaign). This campaign is designed to assist children/families from financially challenged homes to have memberships at the YMCA. It is an honor to have been recognized as being the biggest supporter in fund raising for this program in Western Ontario.

Why I Entered Municipal Politics

  • First allow me to say that I am NOT a political person ... just a person that relies on a tool I was given at birth … common sense.
  • In 2013/14 homeowners in the Eastwood community approached me and ask if I would be a spokesperson for the community and challenge the Municipality on the cost of the sewer project. I agreed to take on this role. Bill Fehr joined me in addressing the issues and huge savings were recognized as a result of the efforts.


  • Spent my entire career in the automotive industry starting by working on a production line and later moving into a Management/Supervision role leading up to including Plant Superintendent. Experienced and developed skills in supervising, coaching, customer relations, development of teams, champion budgeting teams, conflict resolution, arbitration/mediation and contract negotiations. Also certified in Occupational Health and Safety.

Reason for Running Again in 2018

I stated in 2014 that the reason I would run in the election is that I was convinced that we had the wrong people representing this municipality. Today, I still, without question, will state that we still have members of council that are there for the wrong reason. Note, there are some councillors who I view as good councillors and respect … but not all. Recognizing that a "Good Old Boys Club" still exists is troubling because "Without change ….. Nothing Changes!

The following are serious areas of concern and if elected I will be very assertive in addressing these matters. Although many will disagree, this is a business and MUST be run like a business.

  • Financial State of the municipality is poor! Council members are making multi-million dollar decisions without having any idea of the actual financial state of the municipality.
  • It is not unusual for a councillor member attending a council meeting to be unprepared and on numerous cases have never even reviewed the agenda, research issues or attended locations/properties to have a clear understanding of what may be discussed.
  • Back room politics - needs to go away.
  • Leadership - Having 30 plus years in leadership roles and team building qualifies me in stating that this council does not have strength in leadership.
  • Financial Equality throughout the municipality. If elected I will assure that there will be within reason financial equality throughout the municipality. Wards that feel they are an ATM or bank account supporting another ward will become a thing of the past. Focus WILL be put on the entire municipality … not one ward!!
  • Debt - The level of debt both long term and short term is unacceptable! The recent 2017 audit was made available and clearly indicates our hands are tied as our ability to spend and or borrow is curbed as a result of our financial position.
  • Divestiture – In 2015 I stated that this issue had turned into a disaster as a result of the mismanagement of money. The state of the divestiture is still troubling.

Over the past four Years my eyes have been opened. So many things have taken place that simply does not make sense.

  • Code of Conduct – The conduct of a council member towards anyone MUST BE nothing less than professional. We failed on more than one occasion.
  • Corruption – Exist
  • Long range financial plan – We are in need of a long turn financial plan … not just a four year plan that gets us to the next election.

In closing, leadership comes from Council, not Administration!!!

There will be members of council or the general public that may disagree with me on one or several comment that I have made. On that note I will be more than willing to make myself available to debate any of the issues in the presence of media.


Harold Winkworth

202 Centennial Ave, St. Thomas, ON N5P 3S6

Last Updated: Monday, 03 September 2018 16:24:15 PM EST

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