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by Doug Harvey
Lunenburg Review
Actors from left Sarah Machin Gale as Iris, Terry Barna as Charlie and Sharon McFarlane as Natalie

"Lunenburg" by playwright Norm Foster is a fast-paced comedy with a great storyline that is now playing at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre from June 5th to June 29th. Excellent performances by Sarah Machin Gale as Iris, a recent widow, Sharon McFarlane as Natalie, a best friend to Iris, and Terry Barna as Charlie, the neighbour next door take the audience on an entertaining roller coaster ride filled with passion, hope and a touch of remorse.

Norm Foster has a beautiful way of developing the characters in his plays by first starting with some very distinctive characters with plenty of personality, charm and intrigue, then adds some very thoughtful dialog that will keep people guessing what's next.

The story begins with Iris and Natalie taking a trip from Maine to Lunenburg to visit a property that was in Iris's late husbands will. Upon arrival at the late husbands seaside home, Charlie, the neighbour next door enters into the story as a very friendly and handy kind of guy, that has a somewhat hidden agenda. The story continues with the trio capturing the audience's attention and imagination at every turn which at the same time generates plenty of applause and laughs from the get go.

For a first show performance the show was impeccable and received a standing ovation from an very satisfied audience as a message of a job well done. "Lunenburg" is a great story with plenty of laughter, brought to the stage with that unique Port Stanley Festival Theatre touch, which makes for an unbeatable package with a two thumbs up rating!

Credit must also be given to director Simon Joynes and assistant director Rachel Jones who managed this production to perfection, and to stage manager Suzanne McArther and apprentice assistant stage manager Erin Cunningham for organizing stage operations. Credit for that very realistic east coast stage bordered with bright coloured flowers and a hedge that adds a perfect maritime flavour to this production goes to Tony Sclafani for scenic design, Karen Crichton for the lighting design, Zachery White as a sound technician, Alex Amini for costume design, and a special thanks goes out to Port Stanley's Kettle Creek Inn as show sponsor.

"Lunenburg" runs from June 5th to June 29, 2019, and it's a must see show that you will want to remember the next time your thinking of visiting Nova Scotia!


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