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Certificates of Appreciation
  by Francie Dennison  
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 Certificates of Appreciation 
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L-R: Mayor Bill Walters, MP Joe Preston, MPP Jeff Yurek

At the request of Council, Elgin-Middlesex-London MP Joe Preston and MPP Jeff Yurek attended the January 20, 2014 Central Elgin Council meeting, but they didn't know why they'd been invited.

Typically, municipalities only invite representatives of upper tier governments when they want to ask for their assistance with something and neither Preston nor Yurek knew what was coming.

"The two of you are frequently handing out certificates to individuals, groups, businesses or municipalities to recognize their achievements or milestones," Mayor Walters began. "We have certificates from both of you hanging on the walls of Central Elgin's offices, but we noticed that when we went to your offices, you had no certificates on your walls."

Stating that both of them have worked hard many times and on many things on behalf of the Municipality of Central Elgin, its residents, groups and businesses, opening up the lines of communication between the various levels of government and the taxpayers, "it has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated," Walters continued. "We invited you here tonight to give each of you a Certificate of Appreciation from us for your walls for all that hard work."

"You can bring us a cheque any time," Councillor McFarlan quipped after Preston and Yurek had thanked Council for the certificates.


CEP 03-14: Application for Consent No. E91/13 - Michael A. Collins - 45454 Talbot Line;
CEP 04-14: Application for a Consent No. E92/13 - Michael A. Collins, 45454 Talbot Line;
CEP 05-14: Application for a Consent No. E93/13 - Michael A Collins, 45454 Talbot Line:
The applicant is proposing to create three new residential building lots with frontage on New Sarum Line. The balance of the lands will remain in agricultural use. The applicant has filed two consent applications (E92/ 13 & E93/ 13) concurrently to create the additional two residential building lots.

Council had no objection to the applications subject to the provision of cash in-lieu of 5% dedication of parkland, entering into a development agreement, and a drainage reassessment if necessary, at the cost of the applicant.

CEP 06-14: Application for a Consent No. E94/13 - Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, 14152 Belmont Road
Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, through consent application E94/ 13, is proposing to sever an irregular shaped lot with frontage of 20m along Belmont Road, 10m along Washburn Street, and an area of 3. 15 hectares, containing one vacant building which is proposed to be demolished. It is proposed that the lands to be severed will be used for future residential purposes. The applicant is proposing to retain a rectangular shaped lot with frontage of 17m along Belmont Road and an area of 765m2. It is proposed that the lands to be retained will continue to be used for residential purposes. Council had no objections to the application subject to the same provisions as required in the Collins' applications.

CEP 07-14 Application for a Consent No. E95/13 - Matthias Alleyne, 190 Centennial Avenue
Matthias Alleyne, through consent application E95/ 13, is proposing to sever a rectangular shaped parcel of land with frontage of 22.59m along Centennial Avenue and an area of 908.79m2, containing one single- detached dwelling and one detached accessory building. It is proposed that the lends to be severed will continue to be used for residential purposes. The applicant is proposing to retain two rectangular shaped parcels of land. Retained lot A will have frontage of 13.8m along Centennial Avenue and an area of 555.17m2, containing one accessory building. Retained lot B will have frontage of 13.96m along Centennial Avenue and an area of 561.61 m2. It is proposed that the lands to be retained will be used for two residential building lots.

The applicant has filed two minor variance applications (COA1/14 & COA2/14) concurrently, as both of the retained lots will have insufficient frontage to meet the minimum standard of the Residential Zone 1 (RI). The subject lands are located on the east side of Centennial Avenue. The lands are described as, Plan 261, Lots 10, 11 and South Part Lot 9, Municipality of Central Elgin.

Council had no objection to the application subject to the lots being brought into zoning conformity, entering into a development agreement, a drainage reassessment if necessary and at the applicant's expense, and the existing house connecting to the new sanitary sewer system. It was noted that though a building could be erected, it could not be inhabited until the new pumping station was in services and the small LaLonde drain was abandoned once the storm sewers have been constructed.

CEP 08-14: Application for a Consent No. E96/13 - Garry Lale, 44231 Southdale Line
Consent application E96/ 13 has been filed for the purpose of creating a lot containing a residence surplus to a farm operation. Council had no objection to the application subject to confirmation that both dwellings have their own water supply and conform with zoning by-law requirements.

CEP 09-14: Application for a Consent No. E98/13 - 211395 Ontario Limited, 421-425 Edith Cavell Boulevard
The applicant is proposing remove the existing cottages from the subject lands and create three residential building lots. The subject lands are located on the north side of Edith Cavell Boulevard, west of Stanley Park Drive.

Council had no objection providing the applicant completes studies required to address the Natural Heritage and Natural Hazard policies of the Official Plan in support of the proposed development; a zoning by-law amendment is obtained to permit residential use of the subject lands; the applicant donate to the municipality a parcel of land 4.8768m along the entire frontage of the subject lands for the future widening of Edith Cavell Boulevard; and the two existing cottages that encroach on the location of the proposed new lots lines be brought into conformity or removed.

CEP 10-14: Application to Amend Township of Yarmouth By-law 1998 - Janis & Mark Harris, 42488 Ron McNeil Line
A public meeting on the above referenced application was held on December 161°, 2013. At the public meeting the applicant indicated to Council that in addition to the propagation of nursery flowers on the 10 acre rural residential property they had hoped to raise farm animals including chickens and turkeys for fresh eggs and meat, as well as some pigs, horses, goats and cows for personal use and 4H experience for their children. Although not part of the original zoning request, Council authorized staff to get further information from the applicants and report back.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs advised that the number of allowable animals is governed by the requirements of the Provincial Nutrient Management Act and associated regulations, as well as Minimum Distance Separation. In consideration of the Ministry's advice and the request of the applicant, staff made a minor revision to the amendment that was presented at the public meeting in December, adding a new clause to the permitted uses which states "The keeping of livestock accessory to a permitted rural residential use ... which shall comply with the requirements of the Nutrient Management Act 2002, Its associated regulations and successors thereto." The change was considered minor in nature with no further public consultation required. The by-law for this change was passed later in the Council meeting.

CAO 05-14: Parkland Dedication, Jacklin Court Subdivision
Council voted to:

  • delay the demand for the conveyance of parkland from Prespa Construction Limited, pursuant to a development agreement dated May 31, 2010, until Council's June 23, 2014 regular meeting, to enable Prespa Construction to complete geotechnical and environmental impact studies on the balance of the lands;
  • direct staff to host a public consultation open house with residents and property owners in the community of Lynhurst to receive input on suggested amenities for the existing and expanded Turvey Park; and
  • and to engage a landscape architect to prepare conceptual design options for the expanded Turvey Park reflecting public suggestions and the facilities appropriate to Turvey Park's classification within the Municipality's Recreation Master Plan.

Mayor Walters said that now they have an idea as to the location of the piece of parkland to add to Turvey Park, they can look at the linkages discussed in the prior public consultations. In response to Councillor Matthew's question, Perrin said the area of the new park once it was added to Turvey Park would be quite a bit bigger than Little Creek Park in Port Stanley.

By-law 1675: Official Plan Amendment - 139 William Street
By-law 1676: Zoning By-law Amendment - 139 William Street
By-law 1678: Zoning By-law Amendment - 42488 Ron McNeil Line
By-law 1680: Confirmatory By-law
Taken and passed collectively

New Business: None

Closed Session
CS1: A Proposed or Pending Acquisition or Disposition of land by the Municipality (s.239(2)(c))
CS2: Litigation or Potential Litigation (s.239(2)(e)) - Estate of Joseph William Corner - severance (verbal report)

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