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Well, it's official folks! Trax is fit for duty and will be patrolling the streets of St. Thomas beginning January 16, 2014. Cst. James and Trax began their training together as a team, September 3, 2013 and completed the course January 9, 2014. Before his first night shift he'll be receiving his badge at the London Police Headquarters at 1:00 p.m. which will be presented to him by our Chief, Darryl Pinnell.

We would like to thank the London Police Service for enabling us to utilize their training program and in particular Sgt. Pool and Sgt. Currah and the rest of the London K9 Unit for their leadership and support during the intense training program. We would also like to thank the businesses that allowed the use of their buildings for training purposes.

Cst. James and Trax will be working a combination of day and night shifts which overlap our current platoon schedule. Trax has been identified as a fantastic "tracker" during both building searches and open searches. He is fit and ready to go!

Although everyone is excited to see Trax in action we would like to share some of the rules and safety precautions:

  • 1) Always ask Cst. James for permission first before petting Trax, never approach from behind him.
  • 2) No treats please! Trax is on a very special diet.
  • 3) If you see Cst. James and Trax in a place near you, please listen to Cst. James commands, if he says "stand still", that's exactly what you should do. You will need to stay back if Trax is hard at work.
  • 4) No toys please. Trax is on a strict training program that does not include chew toys.

Even though Trax and Cst. James have completed their course, the training will continue until Trax's retirement. Remember you can follow Trax on Twitter @stpstrax to see what he is up to.

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