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Special Events Requirements Could Cancel Event
  by Francie Dennison  
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Dani Bartlett

"The special events permit is so cumbersome that we may have to cancel the event," Dani Bartlett, appearing on behalf of the 2014 Belmont Summer Fun Day committee, told Central Elgin Council at their May 12, 2014 meeting.

She said the rules have changed so drastically in this 5th year of the event that they may no longer be able to hold the event. The recent death of a gentleman putting up a tent has brought the Building Code requirements for tents in excess of 60 square metres into sharp focus. A Building Permit must be obtained for such a tent and the tent must be engineered and must be fire retardant.

The actual permit application was also before Council on this night, under Correspondence (Action). Council said they could waive the Building Permit Fee for the group this year, but the Lion's tent they were proposing using still would have to be inspected and would still have to pass that inspection. Councillor Rob McFarlan said he'd been speaking with the Belmont Lions and they were sure the tent would pass inspection, or could be made to pass inspection.

The more crippling aspect of Special Events requirements was the security requirement "which may force the cancellation of the event." Dani talked about the meeting between municipal staff and the OPP and the OPP's requirement for 3 security people at a cost of $21 per hour per person for the entire time the beer tent is open. Part of the confusion arose from saying 1500 people were expected - but that is at the event as total attendance, not just the beer tent. They do not intend to allow more than 150 to 200 people in the beer tent at any one time.

Last year Lions members provided day time security and the hired security were on duty only from 9 pm to close. Councillor Dan McNeil insisted there had been no meeting as he was Chair of the Special Events Committee and they had not called a meeting on this; because the application was the same as last year, the Special Events Committee had simply sent the application straight through to Council, assuming the same rules used for it last year would apply again this year.

Don Leitch said the OPP were concerned about the security of the event being provided by Lions members and the trained security coming on at night might not feel comfortable taking responsibility for the change over. Deputy Mayor Marr said it was Council, not the OPP, that decides on security requirements. Marr said this policy will not affect just Belmont, but will affect all of Central Elgin and could run service clubs, like the Lions, right out of fund raising.

In the end Council approved the 2014 Belmont Summer Fun Day special events application, waiving the building permit fee and allowing for the Lions to provide daytime security, and providing for trained security or off-duty police officers after 9:00 p.m.

Correspondence (for Council's Information)

1. Canada Post:
Correspondence received from Canada Post respecting "Reduction in weekday business hours at the Port Stanley Post Office". Mayor Walters said that, after reading the story about the proposed change in hours in the news, the Canada Post local area manager contacted the Mayor to let him know the actual change in hours for the Port Stanley Post Office. Monday to Friday hours are changing to 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. effective May 26, 2014. "Postal box customers will still have access to their mail 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Customers will continue to enjoy access to a full range of postal services and products at this post office. There will be no change to the range of services we offer." The letter did not say anything about the Saturday morning hours.

2. The Building Canada Fund:
Correspondence received from Joe Preston, MP, Elgin-Middlesex-London respecting "The Building Canada Fund". Although the fund is geared towards municipalities with populations less than 100,000, Deputy Mayor Marr said that although they would apply, he didn't think Central Elgin would qualify for any of this funding.

3. Beer Store:
Correspondence received from the Beer Store respecting sale of beer, wine and hard liquor in convenience stores and gas-station chains. This letter was a lobbying effort by The Beer Store to garner support to keep the outlets for the sale of beer, wine and hard liquor in their hands and the LCBO, to protect their jobs. Received by Council as information, without discussion.

4. Ministry of Rural Affairs:
Correspondence received from Ministry of Rural Affairs respecting "The Rural Roadmap: The Path Forward for Ontario". Working with our rural partners, this report highlights the many accomplishments we've made together, over a ten-year period, to create a stronger, healthier rural Ontario. Accomplishments that include constructing and renovating hundreds of schools and hospitals; building and rebuilding more than 7,900 kilometres of highways and more than 950 bridges across Ontario; and providing millions of rural Ontarians with high-speed internet access. Received by Council as information, without discussion.

5. Central Algoma Joint Disaster Relief Committee:
Correspondence received from Central Algoma Joint Disaster Relief Committee seeking donations caused by extreme flooding in the Central Algoma area on September 10, 2013. Financial support from the area will be instrumental in attracting provincial financial assistance. For every dollar raised, the province of Ontario will contribute up to a ratio of 2:1 through the Ontario Disaster Relief Program, ODRAP. Your caring financial assistance will make a huge difference in the lives of victims of the flood by helping them regain their homes, businesses and lives. Please make a donation today to the Central Algoma Joint Disaster Relief Fund.

Councillor McNeil was emphatic that they were not in the business of giving Central Elgin's tax payers money to other municipalities or charitable causes, saying that disaster relief was a federal responsibility. Councillor Martyn wanted to know how much was left in the grants program that they might be able to contribute. Karen DePrest informed her there was $844. There was some question as to whether funds donated by a municipality would be matched by the province, or if they only matched funds donated by individuals or businesses.

Councillor McFarlan thought they should set up some sort of Disaster Relief Fund to meet requests like this. Deputy Mayor Marr agreed with McNeil that it is a very slippery slope, and if they set up a Disaster Relief Fund at some point, it should be used only to help with disasters in neighbouring communities, not for requests from anywhere and everywhere. This letter was received by Council as information with no resolution in regards to the donation request.


CEP 27-14: Application Form for Removal of Part Lot Control Reference Plan for Prespa Homes Lots:
Municipal and Planning staff were approached by Frank Sharifi of Prespa Homes regarding the use of a by-law to remove Part Lot Control for the purposes of severing his three semi-detached lots on George Street in Port Stanley. Two of the three lots are developed or in the process of being completed. Central Elgin has not used the Part Lot Control provisions within the Planning Act in the past, principally because there have not been any semi-detached lots included in recent subdivisions. This report was received as information by Council and By-law 1726 to make it possible was passed later in the meeting.

CAO 19-14: April 2014 Monthly Building Report. Received as information by Council without discussion.

CAO 21-14: Port Stanley Seasonal Vendor Pilot. Received as information by Council with Councillor McNeil noting it was an application by Sport in Port that had been the instigator of it. By-law 1725 to put the policy officially in place was passed later in the meeting.

CAO 23-14: Septic System Installation - 123 Centennial Avenue. Council voted to give this property owner a $4,500 credit on his hook-up assessment to compensate him for being forced to install a new holding tank when the sewers installation was planned.

CAO 25-14: Update on Paid Parking in Port Stanley. Due to a delay in the delivery of the new paid parking machines, paid parking in Port Stanley will not begin until early June. The two that are available will be installed and used for training municipal staff. However, when not in use by Staff these machines will be covered and paid parking will not be implemented in any lots until all machines have been delivered and installed. The by-law enforcement officers will be kept busy with other work until the paid parking machines are installed and functioning.

PW 20-14: Port Stanley Sewage Treatment Plant Optimization EA - Engineering Services RFP Award. Council appointed Stantec Consulting to complete the Master Servicing Plan / Environmental Assessment for the optimization of the Port Stanley Waste Water Treatment Facility at a total cost of $72,S88 exclusive of taxes. Deputy Mayor Marr suggest that because the area has been designated by Southwold as an urban growth area, they should keep Southwold in the loop on any plans for Port Stanley's sewage treatment lagoons.

PW 25-14: Belmont Arena Concession Contract Extension. Council agreed to extend the contact for the operation of the Belmont Arena Concession for the 2014-2015 season to Ken MacPherson in the amount of $600 annually.


  • Taken and passed collectively
  • By-law 1723: Confirmatory By-law
  • By-law 1724: Development Agreement - Aretusi, 138 Centennial Avenue
  • By-law 1725: Being a By-law for the Licensing, Regulating and Governing of Outdoor Vendors. This 6-page by-law is posted on the municipal website.
  • By-law 1726: Being a By-law to Remove Part Lot Control - Prespa, George Street, Port Stanley
  • By-law 1727: Development Agreement - Prepsa Construction Limited, 355 Edith Cavell Blvd
  • By-law 1731: Being a By-law to Amend By-law EG1, as amended
  • By-law 1732: Being a By-law to Execute a Memorandum of Understanding with 1788764 Ontario Inc. respecting 2014 Paid Parking: $10,000 paid to vacate the parking allotment in GT's lease agreement.
  • By-law 1733: Being a By-law to Execute an Agreement with Prespa Construction Limited respecting 2014 Paid Parking: CE pays all the costs and Prespa gets half the (gross) revenue

New Business: Councillor Martyn wanted to know what happened o the historic sign in front of the Quaker Cemetery in Sparta and Perrin told it was being repaired after being damaged by winter snow ploughs. Martyn also said she was somewhat surprised to see the dunes on Port Stanley's main beach lowered considerably more than she'd expected. Perrin said they removed the dunes between the basket ball courts and the pavilion, and installed new playground equipments as approved in the 2014 budget. The grasses have also been replanted so the dunes will "grow" back over time.

Perrin noted the email complaint of bits of non-organic materials in the grass compost sprayed to repair lawns in the Eastwood area. The company will be going along behind the trucks in future to remove as much of the small non-organic bits as they can.

Unfinished Business
1. Front Street Bridge: staff directed to prepare a report on the structure

Closed Session

  • CS1: Personal Matters about an Identifiable Individual (s.239(2)(b)) and/or Solicitor-Client Privilege (s.239(2)(f)) - verbal report
  • CS2: Labour Relations or Employee Negotiations (s.239(2)(d)) - Seasonal Employees
  • CS3: Labour Relations or Employee Negotiations (s.239(2)(d)) - 2014 Non-Union Employee Wages
  • CS4: Labour Relations or Employee Negotiations (s.239(2)(d)) - Student Employee Pay Scale
  • CS5: Labour Relations or Employee Negotiations (s.239(2)(d)) - CAO Evaluation
  • CS6: Labour Relations or Employee Negotiations (s.239(2)(d)) - 2013-2014 Volunteer Firefighter Honoraria/Remuneration

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