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OPP 2013 Policing Statistics Returned to Normal
  by Francie Dennison  
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Inspector Brad Fishleigh told Central Elgin Council that the 2013 policing statistics show a return to previously normal levels, with the lower levels experienced in 2012 being the anomaly. Domestic Violence incidents continue to increase, but Fishleigh said that may be due to better reporting as a result of their public education efforts on the issue.


1. Elgin County OPP 2013 Year End Report: Inspector Brad Fishleigh, Elgin County OPP Detachment Commander and Doug Gunn, Chair, Elgin Group Police Services Board, were in attendance to discuss the Elgin County OPP 2013 Year End Report, a copy of which is available on the municipality's website under the Council agenda package for March 10, 2014.

Doug Gunn said they couldn't do anything about the alarming increase in domestic violence statistics "but we can educate the deer in this county", referring to the deer/vehicle collisions.

Inspector Brad Fishleigh said the addition of a fifth sergeant had greatly helped in covering staffing supervision needs, and praised the contributions made by Crime Stoppers. "This program has been very successful in 2013, handling 1,869 tips that resulted in the clearance of 52 criminal cases, 163 criminal charges, over $39,000 in recovered property, 16 weapons seized, over $3 million in seized drugs, and over $75,000 in seized cash."

Elgin Group Calls for Service: A comparison of incidents from 2011 to 2013 covering the same time period January to December reveals a slight decrease in calls for service in 2012 and a return closer to our normal level in 2013, with Central Elgin at 37%.

Collisions: There were 7 fatal crashes, 2 involving distracted driving, 1 involving aggressive driving, 1 involving alcohol. Of the remaining crashes, 316 involved deer, 72 involved distracted driving and 87 involved aggressive driving.

Crimes in Central Elgin: Break and Enters were down to 27. Domestic Violence went up to 156. Overall, robbery, assaults, sexual assaults, thefts, auto theft and mischief are all up slightly.

Correspondence (Action)

Mayor Walters was still absent from the room so Deputy Mayor Marr proceeded without him.

1. Harbour Vision Committee: Correspondence received from Nigel Howcroft advising of his resignation from the Harbour Vision Committee. Howcroft's resignation was accepted with regret and his proposal to put Mike Karda in his place as the PSVA representative was accepted.

2. Chicken and Rib Nite - Belmont Lions Club: Correspondence received from Belmont Lions Club seeking permission for Chicken and Rib Nite on April 12, 2014 at Belmont Arena. Council had no objections subject to the provision of insurance.

At this point Mayor Walters returned and resumed chairing the meeting.

3. Bill 69 - Prompt Payment Act, 2013: Correspondence received from AMO respecting Bill 69, Prompt Payment Act, 2013. This proposal would prevent municipalities from withholding payment to ensure the proper and timely completion of a job. The mayor was authorized to sign the attached letter objecting to the Bill.

4. St. Thomas - Elgin Water Children's Water Festival: Correspondence received from Kettle Creek Conservation Authority seeking support for St. Thomas-Elgin Children's Water Festival scheduled for May 13 - 16, 2014. Councillor Martyn noted the CCCA holds the Forest Festival every year and it is entirely self-funded; they do not ask the municipalities for further contributions. Councillor McNeil did not think the municipality should be contributing to any charitable organizations and Councillor McFarlan agreed with him. Deputy Mayor Marr said such requests should go through the grants program and Karen DePrest said their was just under $850 left in that program. The municipality gave $2,000 to this program in 2008. This time the request for contribution was denied.

5. AMO - Joint and Several Liability: Correspondence received from AMO respecting "Legislature Supports Motion on Municipal Liability Reform - More Municipal Action Needed". The mayor was authorized to sign the attached letter calling for the AMO suggestions on municipal liability reform.

6. Request for Partial Closure of Southdale Line: Correspondence received from Robert Broadbent, Fire Chief, City of St. Thomas, seeking approval for partial closure of Southdale Line for Railway City Road Races scheduled for September 21, 2014. Council had no objections.

Correspondence (for Council's Information)

  • Received as information and filed
  • 1. Prospect Street Slope Stabilization: Correspondence received from Golder Associates respecting "Deformation Monitoring Temporary Retaining Wall Prospect Street Slope Stabilization".
  • 2. Dexter Line Implementation Plan - A Phased Approach: Correspondence received from the County of Elgin respecting Dexter Line Implementation Plan - A Phased Approach.
  • 3. Road Access/Egress - 140 St. George Street: Correspondence received from R.J. (Bob) Fleming respecting Road Access/Egress to 140 St. George Street.
  • 4. Kettle Creek Conservation Authority: Notice of Confirmation - 2014 Levy to KCCA
  • 5. Thames Valley District School Board: Correspondence advising of 2013 Director's Annual Report for the Thames Valley District School Board.
  • 6. 2013 Library Usage and Statistics Report: Copy of 2013 Library Usage and Statistics Report from the County of Elgin.
  • 7. CN - Dangerous Goods: Correspondence received from CN respecting movement of Dangerous Goods by rail.
  • 8. BIA Board of Management: Copy of minutes from BIA Board of Management Meeting dated January 9, 2014.
  • 9. Municipal Emergency Management Programs: Correspondence received from Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services respecting Municipal Emergency Management Programs.


CAO 07-14 February 2014 Monthly Building Report: Permit values for February 2014 were $9,895,975.00, due to the $9,200,000.00 required for the Elgin Primary Water Treatment facility on Dexter Line. Received as information.

CAO 08-14 Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act:
Leitch, Donald: Chief Administrative Officer and Clerk: $133,351.92 wages + $752.59 taxable benefits
Perrin, Lloyd: Director of Physical Services: $120,222.36 wages + $610.53 taxable benefits
Crocker, Donald: Director of Fire Rescue/Fire Chief: $109,460.88 wages + $706.12 taxable benefits
Received as information.

PW 08-14 Annual Water Reports for the Belmont Water System and the Central Elgin Distribution System for the year 2013: Central Elgin staff has completed the reports as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act. A copy of each report is available for review by the general public at the Central Elgin Administration Office in the Physical Services Department and on the Central Elgin Website. Central Elgin's systems have once again received good reports. Received as information.

PW 10-14 Purchase of John Deere Gator: Council accepted the price submitted by Huron Tractor Limited, in the amount of $14,200.00 plus HST, for the purchase of a John Deere Gator vehicle for the Parks Department. Councillor Martyn asked if staff had looked into the purchase of e-bikes for the summer municipal by-law officers but Perrin said they were deemed unsuitable as the by-law officers sometimes have to attend at the municipal office or occasionally in other parts of the municipality.

PW 11-14 ESDA (East Side Development Area) Phase 3 Project, Appointment of Firm for Contract: Council appointed AECOM for the provision of contract administration for the East Side Development Area (ESDA) Phase 3 for a total cost of $508,405 exclusive of taxes.

Site Plan Control Committee
1. Site Plan Control Committee Report: Mike Goodwin, 207-209 Main Street: Council deferred consideration of this in order to seek input from the Municipal Heritage Committee on the site plan, as the subject property is located within the Heritage Conservation Study area and between two properties already designated as heritage (Russell House and Telegraph House).

By-law 1700: Confirmatory By-law: passed.

Unfinished Business
1. Front Street Bridge: staff directed to prepare a report on structure

Closed Session

  • CS1 Security of Property (s.239(2)(a)) - ERTH Corporation
  • CS2 Security of Property (s.239(2)(a)) - 177 Carlow Road - Lease with Richardson International Limited
  • CS3 Proposed or Pending Acquisition or Disposition of Land (s.239(2)(c))
  • CS4 Security of Property (s.239(a)) - Port Stanley Harbour (verbal report - environmental)

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