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Heritage Trust Awards Presented
  by Francie Dennison  
 Elgin County Summer Student Experience Program
 Heritage Trust Awards Presented 
 The Central Elgin Financial Picture
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 Frozen Shark in Port Stanley
L-R: Andrew Hibbert, Peter North, Mayor Bill Walters, Helen North,
Councillor Sally Martyn, Sandra Fish, Allan Fish

Presentations of the Ontario Heritage Trust - 2013 Recognition Program awards opened the February 18, 2014 Central Elgin Council meeting. Awards were presented for Built Heritage, Cultural Heritage and Natural Heritage. This year there were no awards for Lifetime Achievement or Lieutenant Governor's award.

1. Ontario Heritage Trust - 2013 Recognition Program: Certificates of Achievement will be presented to recipients of 2013 Heritage Community Recognition Program.

Built Heritage: was awarded to Allan and Sandra Fish for their work in preserving the Cole homestead.

Cultural Heritage: was awarded to Andrew Hibbert for his work in writing historical articles for his publication, The Lake Erie Beacon; for producing and distributing the Port Stanley map; his work with Doors Open Port Stanley/Sparta and for his work with Heritage Port.

Natural Heritage: was awarded to Peter and Helen North for Carolinian reforestation on their property, planting some 2,250 trees.


1. George Street Development: Rowena Williams, George Street, was to be in attendance to discuss George Street Development in Port Stanley but did not show up for this Council meeting.

Correspondence (Action)

1. Resignation from BIA & Harbour Vision Committee: Correspondence received from Carol Gates advising of her resignation on BIA and Harbour Vision Committee.

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation as chair and member of the BIA executive and the Harbour Vision Committee. It has been a pleasure to serve the village in this capacity these past three years but it is time for me to focus more on my business and my family.

Council accepted Gates resignation with regret and in two separate motions approved the appointment of Eric Salin as replacement for the BIA Chair, and Vicci Coughlin as replacement for the Harbour Vision Committee. Carol will continue to serve as the BIA representative on the Heritage Conservation District Committee, and Andy Gates will be the representative for the newly formed Blue Flag Beach Committee.

Correspondence (for Council's Information)

  • Received collectively as information
  • 1. County of Elgin Land Division Committee: Copy of Decisions received from County of Elgin Land Division Committee respecting applications E84/13, E91/13, E92/13, E93/13, E95/13, E96/13 and E98/13.
  • 2. County of Elgin Land Division Committee: Notice of Deferral received from County of Elgin Land Division Committee respecting application E94/13.
  • 3. Ontario Municipal Board: Notice from Ontario Municipal Board of Appointment for Hearing respecting Estate of Joseph William Corner, 6736 Yarmouth Centre Road
  • 4. Highway 401 and Highway 4 Interchange: Copy of corresopndence sent from the County of Elgin respecting proposed alterations to Highway 401 and Highway 4 Interchange. The proposed changes would close Glanworth Drive and extend Wonderland Road, but at the same time negatively impact on the agribusiness operations in the area. Councillor McFarlan wanted to know if there was any way Council could support the opposition to these changes. Walters said the objection needs to come from the County level.
  • 5. Advertising Costs - Plans of Subdivision/Condominium: Correspondence received from the County of Elgin respecting advertising costs related to applications for a plan of subdivision/condominium. The County response was that the costs of the meetings will be absorbed by the municipality. In Central Elgin that cost ranges from $500 to $1,000 per meeting.
  • 6. 2013 Annual Report - Regional Water Supply: Copy of 2013 Annual Report received from Regional Water Supply.
  • 7. Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration: Correspondence received from Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration respecing 2014 Newcomer Champion Award.
  • 8. Septic System Inspections: Correspondence received from the United Townships of Head, Clara & Maria seeking support for their resolution to stop the roll out of mandatory on site septic system inspections.
  • 9. OPP New Billing Model: Correspondence received from the Township of Greater Madawaska respecting proposed new OPP Billing Model. Deputy Mayor David Marr said he is on the AMO Steering Committee looking into this problem and their first meeting was spent identifying the big losers and the big winners in the new OPP billing model.
  • 10. Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment: Notice received from the Township of Southwold of proposed Zoning By-law Amendment.



Tree By-law Steering Committee: Proposed Tree By-law - Status Report. Mayor Walters was concerned the fines were too prescriptive and prevented negotiations if say, one person cut down 10 trees on their property - that would equal $10,000 in fines "and they may not have $10,000." Councillor Martyn said the fines have to be more thant the counsultation fee, and Leitch said the fne structure was taken from the Cambridge by-law.

The purpose of the by-law is to regulate the removal and injury of trees in sloped woodlands having an area of 0.4 hectares or less on an individual parcel of land, to preserve the integrity of the slope. The 17-page proposal includes maps of all affected areas within the municipality, as well as the proposed fine structure of:
$1,000 per tree on a first conviction;
$2,000 per tree on a subsequent multiple offence conviction;
$5,000 per tree if the offender is a corporation;
$10,000 per tree is the corporation commits multiple offences;
$100,000 maximum addition fine in circumstances where there is an economic advantage or gain from the contravention of this By-Law.

Heritage Conservation Steering Committee: Heritage Conservation Steering Committee - Interim Report and Request to Appoint New Member.
Council appointed Dan Salbani as a member of the Heritage Conservation District Steering Committee.

Staff Reports

CEP 12-14: Application to Amend the Township of Yarmouth By-law 1998 - Prespa Construction Limited, 8748 Centennial Road
The sUbject lands contain an existing dwelling unit and a shop bUilding. The applicant filed an application to sever the subject lands into two lots. One lot is proposed to contain the existing dwelling and the other to contain the shop. Council supported the proposed consent, subject to conditions including confirmation of adequate on site servicing and zoning each parcel for the respective uses. The applicant is seeking an amendment to the zoning by-law to recognize and permit the continued residential use of the existing dwelling and continued commercial use of the shop as a shop/business office. The applicant still has to prove that both lots can be adequately service, and a public meeting was set for March 17, 2014 at 6:55 p.m.

CEP 13-14: Application to Amend the Township of Yarmouth By-law 1998 - William Todd, 42323 & 42395 Roberts Line
The subject lands formerly contained a wildlife and nature preserve that was approved through By-law 3300 in 1993. The use has ceased operation and the applicant is proposing to remove the special zoning and restore the previous OS2 zone through repealing By-law 3300. The new Central Elgin Official Plan removed the special provisions from the Agricultural policies that recognized the former use (this was done with the owner's consent). The proposed implement will further implement that change by removing the special zoning. The public meeting for this was set for March 17 2014 at 7:05 p.m.

CEP 14-14: Application to Amend the Municipality of Central Elgin Official Plan and the Township of Yarmouth By-law 1998 - Stephen Pineo, 9823 Yarmouth Centre Road
The subject lands contain two existing dwelling units, one of which is occupied by the applicant and the other has been rented out. The applicant is proposing to file an application with the Elgin County Land Division Committee to sever the subject lands into two lots, each containing one of the existing dwellings. The lands are designated for Industrial use in the Municipality of Central Elgin Official Plan and the existing residential uses are considered to be legal nonconforming. The applicant is seeking an exception to the policies of the Official Plan to support the proposed severance and also an amendment to the zoning by-law to recognize and permit the continued rural residential use of the existing dwellings. The public meeting for this was set for March 17, 2014 at 7:15 p.m.

Apartment on George Street
In a public meeting just prior to this Council meeting, the applicants withdrew their request to allow multi-residential zoning of their home on George Street, which was originally designed as a 4-unit dwelling, because of the neighbours' objections to it. The way the house was designed and built has made it difficult to sell it as a single family residence.

PW 03-14: ESDA (Eastside Development Area) Phase 3, Tender Award: Council checked out the availability of grant funding for this project in relation to the new 201 federal budget, but none will be available. They therefore awarded this contract to Van Bree Drainage in the amount of $7,851,120.22 inclusive of HST. This comes in $1.7 million under the engineer's estimate for the job.

PW 07-14: Belmont Municipal Drain Abandonment: Council received this report as information, agreeing to abandon the Belmont Municipal Drain which has long since been replaced with proper storm water sewers.

FS 01-14: Monthly Alarm Activities Report: Received as information


  • Taken and passed collectively
  • By-law 1689: Execute an Agreement with VanBree Drainage - Eastside Development Phase 3
  • By-law 1690: Confirmatory By-law
  • By-law 1691: Execute an Agreement between the Municipality of Central Elgin, the City of St. Thomas and KCCA respecting Off-Leash Dog Park
  • By-law 1692: Being a By-law to Provide for the Abandonment of the Belmont Municipal Drain
  • By-law 1694: Being a By-law to Execute an Agreement with Belmont Lions & Lioness for Use of the Belmont Arena
  • By-law 1695: Being a By-law to Execute an Agreement with Port Stanley & Community Over 55 Plus Club for Use of Hall at Port Stanley Arena
  • Taken and passed independently
  • By-law 1693: 2014 User Fees:
  • Taken and passed collectively
  • By-law 1696: 2014 Budget:
  • By-law 1697: 2014 Harbour Budget:
  • By-law 1698: 2014 Water Budget:
  • By-law 1699: 2014 Wastewater Budget:

Unfinished Business:
1. Front Street Bridge: staff directed to prepare a report on structure. Evidently the affected resident is happy with the lighting and other changes.

Closed Session:
CS1 Litigation or Potential Litigation - (s.239(2)(e)): 301 Carlow Road (verbal report)
CS2 Litigation or Potential Litigation (s.239(2)(e)): Estate of Joseph William Corner (Verbal Report)

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