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Sauble Beach Parking vs Port Stanley Parking
  August 13, 2014  
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It's interesting to see how Sauble beach has cancelled their paid parking when it "generated just under $180,000.00 in revenue during 2013" (Owen Sound Sun Times, Dec 3rd, 2013) because of the cause and effect it had on the area.

Central Elgin reports revenue of $47,000 and the program is called a "success" (reaching 10.4% of it's goal of $450,000)....


  • Sauble Beach cancels paid parking after realizing $180,000 in revenue, because it's not beneficial to the community
  • Central Elgin KEEPS paid parking after realizing $47,000 in revenue, and calls it a "success"

If a "success" is reaching 10.4% of your goal, what is a failure?. AND PLEASE DON'T BLAME THE WEATHER !!!!!!..........that's getting a little old.

Rob Viscontas

Excerpts from the Owen Sound Sun Times article

"The town council passed a motion during budget deliberations on Tuesday morning to eliminate the fee to park at the beach, which was $15 a day in 2013 ...

"I have always been against paid parking for several reasons. I have yet to meet anybody who enjoys putting money into a parking meter," said Mayor John Close. "More importantly the beach is our community's park. We don't have green spaces throughout our subdivisions in our community and we are sort of penalizing our own public."...

The Sauble Beach Chamber of Commerce has been pressing the town since the spring to reduce the daily rate to park at the beach from $15 to $5. The chamber has presented figures it says show a direct relation between paid parking and the decrease in the number of vehicles paying to park at the beach. Chamber representatives have said tourist numbers are way down and they blame paid parking for being at least part of the problem ....

Buckton said the chamber will be promoting the elimination of the fees heavily in its advertising and promotional materials ... [Source: Owen Sound Sun Times article]

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