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Re Heritage Conservation District Public Letter
  February 10, 2014  
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 Re Heritage Conservation District Public Letter 

The Public Letter has been posted on the top of the page for a long time now ... seems to me that it is about time to take it down because of it's inaccuracy.

It states that "there can be no doubt that there is significant support for the concept of a Heritage Conservation District." Your recent report on the public meeting would indicate that this is far from the truth ... in fact, it would appear that there is significant opposition to a Heritage Conservation District.

Dave McKee's letter should be heeded by the committee ... put your time and efforts to better use. Come up with ideas for improvements to Port Stanley rather than your misguided efforts to prevent development that you don't deem appropriate.

I will agree that not all development is what I would like to see, but that doesn't mean that I have the right to block it.

If you (members of the committee) want to control how properties are developed, then buy them and develop them how you see fit. Don't try and tell other people how or what they should do with their property; you wouldn't want that to happen to you.

Derrick Jones
Port Stanley, ON

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