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  March 10, 2014  
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After reading your editorial "Frittering the Fund", I am not sure "Frittering" is a strong enough word to describe what is happening with the harbour fund.

If the editor gets a response from someone as to why this $100,000 expenditure is taking place, I hope you will share the answer with your readers. I have noticed over the years that you very seldom see a response to a letter on any subject in your paper. I would suggest that anyone posting a letter to your paper and receiving a reply via by phone or E-Mail, post that answer with your paper.

Over the years I have made a number of suggestions, such as my letter of Oct 23, 2012 where I suggested that the Harbour Committee or the Engineering Dept of Central Elgin obtain all construction drawings or copies of Port Stanley Harbour from the Federal Government, so that if a problem occurs, time is saved by not having to chase after the drawings. I have never received a call or E-Mail to any of my letters.

So here is my latest suggestion: Central Elgin retain Riggs Engineering for all studies and work in the harbour, as much as possible. Mr. Riggs worked for the Department of Public Works before starting up his own business in London and likely knows more about all the harbours on Lake Erie and Lake Huron than any other firm.

Steve Lalonde,
St Thomas, ON

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