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Re Council misled the people in Eastwood
  March 11, 2014  
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As an Eastwood resident, I want like to send out a warning to other property owners and voters in Elgin County.

Council misled the people in Eastwood:

  • two failed to say they had conflicts of interest regarding the sewer until the last minute in the process (when I suspect the decision had probably already been taken in council);
  • they never responded to any requests for information (including environmental) from Eastwood residents, as to why the sewer installation was even necessary;
  • then they turned around and charged us for things they had said we would not be charged for, such as a bigger pipe than required.

We are stuck with this. If you want to be treated like us, vote back in the existing council members who are running in the next election.

Frankly, I wish we were like the U.S. and could have impeached the Mayor and Council. They certainly did not represent the taxpayer in this.

Thank you for having the courage to report on this issue. For some reason, it has never received the same coverage in the St. Thomas Times Journal.

Barbara Bellmare
Central Elgin, ON

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