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Re Asset Management Plan
  May 25, 2014  
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 Re Asset Management Plan 

After reading John Bolt's comments on Asset Management, I have to say that he has made some good points! I think though that we all should read hard and deep into this"cover your ass".

It is very apparent to some of us in Central Elgin that staff and council, both past and present, have utilized all the new development in certain wards to fund the old established communities. The new subdivisions have no deep-seated infrastructure, and expenditures are low and taxes are high. So if robbing Peter to pay Paul and Paul still gets half of what he expects and Peter gets left in the cold, then that is never good business! So patting anyone on the back for robbing the citizens blind and getting paidd very well for doing it while wearing a huge smile on their face, is not, in my mind, any form of an asset management plan or government.

That goes for the majority of staff and council, both past and present, both before and after amalgamation!

John Terrio
Lynhurst, Central Elgin

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