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Qualifications for Mayor
  July 15, 2014  
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To my knowledge there is no list for qualifications for mayor, just a list of requirements to qualify. So that leaves us with the question: what would you like a person running for mayor to be?

This question was asked of me the other day and I somewhat struggled to answer. I have seen many different types over my years, and some I preferred and thought they had done a better job; of course situations are never the same. Some say they have to have a legal background or a money background or a management background, but I don't really think these things are necessary. You hire staff to do those things and pay them very well.

So here is my attempt at what I consider qualifications:

#1: Strong leadership skills: Must have the ability to pull together the council of the day, as well as direct staff as to the direction council wishes to go.

#2: Negotiator: Since all levels of upper government have down loaded so much on the local municipality, the ability to negotiate monies to pay for them, as well as negotiate through local organizations you belong to in order to stop or even refuse these down loads.

#3: Some experience: It is nice to have but not entirely necessary. It takes time for first time politicians to get up to speed (so to speak) and can set things back.

#4: (and maybe should have been #1) Common sense: So many times you watch council's actions and say "are these guys nuts?" They are advised by many people, but common sense has to enter in to it.

#5: Commitment: If you are not committed to the job it will not get done. These are very thankless jobs.

So! there you have my list. We have an election this fall, so if you are interested, now is the time to show it but be prepared. Should you win, your life will be changed forever.

John L Bolt
Port Stanley, ON

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