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Provincial Election Also Critical
  January 3, 2014  
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 Provincial Election Also Critical 
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 Letter from the Minister of Transportation

On the heels of your excellent editorial, Next Municipal Election Critical, it also needs to be mentioned that the residents of Ontario are facing one of the most important provincial elections in the province's history. The outcome of this election will not only affect one's disposable income, but more importantly, the economic health and future of the province.

Ontario is heading for a debt crisis that if left unchecked could result in bankruptcy, which would have a major impact on the rest of the country as nearly 40 percent of the population of Canada resides in Ontario. By the end of this year, Ontario's debt will account for 41 percent of its GDP. Alone, the interest costs just to service Ontario's debt amount to $31.5 million dollars per day. The reasons for this massive debt are the result of excessive spending, lack of productivity and a shrinking economy.

Without engaging in partisan politics, Ontario residents need to decide if they want a leader that engages and listens to the concerns of all residents in the province, not just those from large metropolitan centres. Voters also need to decide if they are willing to pay more in taxes to finance improvements to public transit in the GTA. We all are aware our hydro costs will rise dramatically in the coming years, but is it not government's role to provide services to the public in the most cost efficient manner? Do we not want our politicians to tender contracts to the lowest bidder, especially when those contracts have a major impact on businesses and consumers? Lastly, is it too much to ask for a little integrity in our political leaders?

Equally as important as our municipal election, Ontario voters need to become engaged in the approaching provincial election. Please come out to political debates, become informed and ask the tough questions. Most importantly, get out to vote. The choices made at the voting booth this October will play a crucial role in the future of our Province.

Harvey Easton
Port Stanley, ON

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