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Little Beach Clean Up
  April 24, 2014  
 Little Beach Clean Up 
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Couldn't get a straight answer from the Deputy Mayor about when little beach would be cleaned up.

Tourists have already started to use it, but it looks more like an eye sore than one of Port Stanley's attractions.

The Municipality needs to be reminded that Little Beach is just as important as main beach.

Fred Darlington
Port Stanley, ON

Editor's Note: I did notice earlier today that municipal crews were very busy cleaning and grading the beach by GT's, but I saw no such municipal crews working on Little Beach.

Received an hour after we published the above letter

Hi Francie,

Looks like we'll be able to enjoy Little Beach soon. Clean up will commence as soon as Main Beach work is completed; hopefully in a week to 10 days.

I would like to thank the Deputy Mayor for his prompt response to my inquiry. Please publish.


Fred Darlington

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