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Is Bigger Better
  March 13, 2014  
 Is Bigger Better 
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Many who know me also know I walk every morning, rain or shine. This morning something stuck in my craw.

During the walk I could not help but notice, as I was slip sliding along, that the roads were in horrible shape. It got me to thinking that in all the years I have been in the village, this is the worst I have ever seen our roads.

Even back in the days when two men were in the back of a open pick-up truck and shovelled salt onto the hills and intersections, the roads were in better condition. These guys would go out any time of the day or night and the hills were always done. Now we have $230,000 trucks and $120,000 managers and they can't seem to get things right. Maybe we have too many managers and not enough boots on the ground, so to speak. I don't know as I am not close enough to the situation.

I understand the "we can't go out in a blizzard for safety", but this doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe they are trying to cut back and save us some taxes and this is the new standard, but I don't see that either. I don't know who is responsible for making the call on our roads, but they seem to be making the wrong one.

Now, to my point: is bigger better? I don't see it.

John L Bolt
Port Stanley, ON

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