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Heritage Committee
  February 7, 2014  
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I don't think there is a pleasant way to comment on the Heritage Preservation Committee, but I'm going to try anyway.

First, some people have too much free time on their hands. Would the committee members consider the possibility of re-directing their energies towards something that would benefit us all, such as attracting new businesses or developing new attractions for tourism?

Second, some of these people do not even own properties in the effected area, and all of the committee members have wrapped themselves in an air of respectability by giving themselves a fancy title - with the sole purpose of abrogating the rights of the affected owners.

Personally, I find the possibility that there is an attempt to gain another level of authority between us and the already existing municipal government objectionable. We need less government, whether this committee exists apart from the municipality or as a new department within it.

What justification is there for not first involving each effected land owner and gaining their overwhelming approval? Finally, despite opposition to their plans, this committee proceeds to move forward, representing themselves as being democratic! A new form of democracy?!

I challenge the committee to organize a vote involving all land owners in Port Stanley, or maybe just by the people in the effected area.

Dave McKee
Port Stanley, ON

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