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BIA Meeting Results
  April 26, 2014  
 Re Code of Conduct for Councillors
 Honouring the Sacrifices of our Afghan Vets
 BIA Meeting Results 
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 Fair Election Act
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 Re Frittering the Fund

While reading the article about the BIA annual meeting in the '' site, I was anxiously reading and looking for what was in store for the large population of children that are likely to come to Port Stanley. Nothing?

Since baby boomers make up the largest segment of the population, it only makes sense to include provisions for some recreational activities geared towards their families of many children and grandchildren. I understand about the businesses getting a boost, but children do not enjoy adult activities ... especially shopping. What do children (and dads) do while the women are shopping? If there is not enough recreation for every age group to do, then time in Port Stanley for young families is limited.

Our other home is in the 'newly targeted' area of Kitchener/Waterloo and I am reluctant to sell Port Stanley to anyone with young families. No splash pad, no mini golf, trampolines, family festivals, biking/hiking paths, etc. I've seen many many parents/grandparents at other nearby beaches relaxing while just watching and/or participating in activities with children that bring a smile to everyone's face.

When everyone's happy nobody wants to go home, which usually results in overnight stays - last minute or preplanned. These are the memories you see captured in photographs everywhere. When children are happy, adults are happy, and also happy to spend - especially when it doesn't involve an airline ticket.

It feels very self serving to enjoy all of the perks geared here for us baby boomers, while Port Stanley has sooo much potential for serving a wider range of the demographics.

We are very lucky to have a place here on the beach, but it sure would be nice to change it up and take in family activities with our children and grandchildren. They, too, then might never want to go home.

Susan Metzger
'future fundraiser'

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