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A Hero Among Us
  January 12, 2014  
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 A Hero Among Us 
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On Thursday morning January 9th, 2014. I noticed a racoon was wondering on the ice of Kettle Creek, just in front of the Lions marina. It stayed there all day.

I assumed it would likely leave over the next night once darkness set in. However the next morning it was still there, and seemed to have trouble moving. It appeared it's tail had frozen to the ice.

Then this wonderful lady appeared, wearing a pure white coat. She was on the Colborne Street side of the creek and looking at this distressed animal on the Carlow side of the creek. I had concerns she might try and cross the ice, but cleverly, she walked around to the other side instead. Upon arriving there she found a board, which she tried to free the animal with but to no avail. Then she climbed down the sea wall onto the ice where the raccoon was stuck and dislodged the animal's tail from the ice.

It was like the raccoon actually knew what this person was doing for it. She then used the board she had found and made a ramp for the animal to climb onto the sea wall with. The raccoon actually appeared to understand what she was motioning it to do and began to climb up it.

The board wasn't quite long enough, but the animal was almost all the way up. Upon repositioning the board, the raccoon did indeed make it up and over the sea wall. Then the young lady climbed up the wall herself to safety. The two of them looked at each other as if to say see ya later. She walked up the hill and the raccoon sauntered off into the woods.

Could there be an angel residing in Port Stanley? I hear they wear white!!

Dan McLay
Port Stanley,On

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