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We offer cost-effective, affordable 24/7/365 Global Exposure
All prices are quoted in Canadian currency and are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include HST.
Our Advertising Options
Price list effective January 1, 2015
Ad Type Price Days Characters Pictures Rotation
Site Header Banner $80.00 90 Days N/A 1 groups of 5
Front Page Banner Left $65.00 15 Days N/A 1 no
Events Page Banner under Calendar $35.00 30 Days N/A 1 no
Event Advertising Package: $100.00 30 Days unlimited 5 site header
includes full Classified ad, Front Page & Event Page Banners, Event Calendar listing, and promotional story          
Full Custom Ad with Details Page $100.00 up to 365 Days unlimited 5 site header
Mini Ad with Thumbnail Picture $40.00 up to 365 Days 500 1 no
Text Only Mini Ad $30.00 up to 365 Days 500 0 no
REAL ESTATE          
Full Custom Ad with Details Page $100.00 up to 365 days unlimited 5 site header
Mini Ad with Thumbnail Picture $40.00 up to 365 days 500 1 no
Text Only Mini Ad $30.00 up to 365 days 500 0 no
Full Custom Ad with Details Page $50.00 up to 30 days unlimited 5 site header
Mini Ad with Thumbnail Picture $30.00 up to 30 days 500 1 no
Text Only Mini Ad $15.00 up to 30 days 500 0 no
Our eye-level Banner advertising section is our most popular advertising option. Built into our site header, the banners rotate in groups of five in the middle of that section, giving every banner advertiser equal exposure.
People quickly learn to ignore things which are static. Every time a person clicks on another page, section, picture or ad on our site, the banners rotate to a new group. During an average visit, your banner will most likely rotate into view more than once. As well, heavy traffic to the site makes them rotate more frequently. These highly effective banner ads run for 3-month periods and can link to the details page of another advertising option or directly to your own web site.
The mini ads consists of a title, a thumbnail picture, a brief description up to 500 characters of text and the contact information of address, phone, fax, email and website link
All ads which have a Details Page will rotate in the Banner section of our site header, no matter where on the site the ad is actually located. Clicking on the rotating banner will take you directly to the Details Page of that ad.
For Real Estate Details Pages we use one basic format designed to increase buyer/renter contact and that allows for one large pixel picture with three smaller pictures. All pictures are sized for our proportional viewing feature.
The custom Details Page of a Community Directory ad can include multiple pictures of varying sizes and company logos, as well as varying layouts. Our marketing specialist will design it to impressively suit your business and highlight the features of your business which you want highlighted, or you can provide a desired layout for it and we will match it as closely as the programming of our website allows. All your contact information will also be included in your custom details page.
Changes: Text or picture changes to your ad at any time throughout the year are always possible but they take time to do. For this reason, significant changes will be billed at $30/hr + HST, with a minimum charge of $30 + HST. If you are going to be making regular changes to you ad throughout the year, contact us to arrange for discount package pricing designed to fit the number and type of changes you expect to be making.
Free Advertising
As a service to our community we offer a limited amount of free advertising to local non-profit, charitable or public service groups. We reserve the right to decide if a free advertising request does not fall within our intended scope of non-profit, charitable or public services.
We also offer free Classified advertising for local garage and yard sales; free advertising for free give-aways; and free obituary advertising in sympathy for your loss.
As a further service to our community, we also offer free Help Wanted Classified advertising to all employers, private or public, in our local community.
Archive Story Searches and Reprints
Stories on Port Stanley News.com are archived on-site for approximately one year, but eventually all stories get cycled off the website. Readers can search the website themselves to find archived stories and hit the print button on their browser to print them off.
Should you wish to obtain a reprint of a story which has rotated off the website, the fee to search our databases and find that story for you, and to email you a copy of it, is $50.00 + HST, payable in advance.
Photo Orders
We offer full size, full resolution digital copies, suitable for high quality hard copy printing, of the photos we have taken which appear on any section of our site, for personal or commercial use.
All photo orders must be prepaid and we will require your mailing address for digital copies on disk, or your email address for digital copies sent by email.
Form and Pricing Options
Digital image by email: $15.00 per image + HST
Digital image on disk: $20.00 per image + HST
Please add $3.50 + HST for mailing costs to cover packaging and postage
Note* We no longer offer hard copy prints of our photos.
Payment: We do not process credit or debit cards. Payment is by cash, email transfer, cheque or money order, made payable to: DFHSoftWare, our parent company. You will be invoiced for your order or renewal and payment is due and payable as of the date of the invoice. Cheques or money orders should be mailed to:
12 - 301 Carlow Road
Port Stanley, ON
N5L 1B7
NSF & Late Payment Charges: There will be a charge of $35.00 for any cheque returned for Non Sufficient Funds, and a Late Payment Charge of 2% per month after 30 days.
* Please Note: * Advertising renewals are invoiced prior to their expiry date. Our accounting system is integrated with advertising expiry dates, such that ads of all types will automatically turn off if payment is not received by the renewal date. Ads cannot be turned back on until payment for them has been received and processed.
Information and Quotes
You can reach us by telephone at 519-782-7893 or by email at sales@portstanleynews.com
Port Stanley News.com
Contact: Doug
12 - 301 Carlow Road, Port Stanley, ON. N5L 1B7
Phone: 519-782-7893
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